Dealing with loneliness during the festive period

The Christmas period can be lonely for many people, particularly so if you’re a freelancer without an office of co-workers. Learn how to deal with loneliness with the following suggestions.

Loneliness might seem like a fairly innocuous problem, but it can be a real issue for freelancers, who tend to spend a lot of time by themselves. Here are 5 ideas to get you going socially this Christmas.

Avoid social media
Loneliness can often be caused by making comparisons to other people and their activities over the holiday period. Try and avoid endlessly looking at social media feeds of other people having fun and go out and have your own. “Comparison is the the thief of joy”, as they say, so don’t let your own festive joy be ruined by seeing other people’s lives and comparing them to yours.

Organise quality time
Make sure you book in some quality time with the people you have in your life, work-related or not. Get away from your office, whether that’s at home or elsewhere, and do an activity that doesn’t allow you to check your email every 5 minutes. This time of year is perfect for activities such as ice-skating or visiting Christmas markets, so grab a loved one and get out into the winter chill!

Go to freelancer parties
Though freelancers often work alone, that doesn’t mean they party alone! Join a few freelancer groups and see if they have any social gatherings planned. From small coffee outings to larger Christmas bashes, there are great ways to meet other people in similar positions who understand the struggles and successes of being a freelancer.

Try a different working space
If you’re planning on working over the holiday period, even if it’s just on business admin, it’s worth getting out of your usual spot and changing up your surroundings. Coworking spaces can be particularly fun places to be around the holidays, as freelancers band together through social events like festive parties and office drinks.

Join an online group
If getting out isn’t really an option for you around the holidays, there’s always the internet. The online world can be a great place to get chatting to other people in a similar position. If you’re not keen on talking shop, you can always find other people that have the same hobbies or interests as you. Join some forums or blogging communities and say hi…


Posted by Julie Tucker

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