Company names – trademark early

VV 13 Oct 2a

If you’ve just decided on a new name for your start-up company, have you thought about registering it as a trade mark?

A trade mark is a distinctive way of representing yourself, and the goods and services you provide, that set you apart from your competitors.They can be many things, from a logo or symbol, a brand name, a word, phrase or slogan or even a gesture.

It’s a really, really good idea to register a business name as a trade mark – and it’s an even better idea to do it as early as possible.

It costs money, but registering a trade mark is a savvy business decision. It makes your slogan, gesture, jingle or brand name yours – and yours alone.

It also means another rival company cannot use the trade mark for marketing the same kinds of goods or services that you provide.

My advice: decide on a good name and get it trademarked as soon as possible. It’s yours forever then.


Posted by The Secret Businessman