Can the trend for remote working improve diversity?


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There are many benefits to remote working – but is one of them increased diversity in your company? We find out…

Diversity in the workplace is a big issue in modern Britain – whether it’s in regards to sex, race, disability or social background, it can sometimes be hard being a minority in the office.But can the trend for remote working offer a solution to this issue?

No face on the work
One of the great things about remote working is that it’s not about what you look like – it’s all about the results. It doesn’t matter which country you’re from, what you look like or what your accent is, as long as you produce the goods.

By simply producing quality work, it could help you move up the up the pay grade and break the glass ceiling.

Can hire from anywhere
Remote workers don’t need to be in the office – or anywhere near it. When you’re hiring you can open your recruitment drive to as many areas as possible.

This means those who live in poorer areas can find employment with companies easier. If they were stuck to geographical boundaries in areas with high levels of unemployment, they might only find a limited number of open positions.

Flexible hours
Working from home means you can work around your schedule, instead of having to stick to the standard 9-to-5 hours. This is particularly helpful for new mums who often struggle to return to work because of childcare issues.

No harassment
While we’d all like to work in an office that is free from any sort of harassment, even with laws against such behaviour it still appears. This could be in the form of someone being culturally insensitive to forms of sexual harassment.

Just under a third (30%) of employees in the UK have witnessed or experienced racial harassment in the workplace, according to a survey from Business in the Community.

We know that the solution should be to remove those people doing the harassment. But that’s not always possible in reality. By working from home, you can distance yourself from these unsavoury types in the office and work in a more secure and comfortable manner.

VV 26 Apr

Working from home is a great option whether you use a wheelchair, are partially sighted or have another form of disability. All offices these days will make sure they are fully accessible to all – but it’s not the office you have to worry about.

What could be an easy 20 minute commute for most could be more difficult if you need to use crutches or are unable to drive. Working from home means you’ll already be in an environment you’re comfortable with.

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