Can a virtual office in London really help your business image?


If you want to make headway in the tough world of business then you need to ensure you have a strong business image. You might be working from a tiny office in your home but do you really want a prestigious client knowing this? This is where a virtual office London may be able to help.

A virtual office London will mean that your mail all goes to a specified address that you can choose. This looks good from the client’s perspective as it gives the impression you have a business address in a prestigious area. This is likely to provide far more confidence in your company than an address in a non-descript suburb. It ensures that all your business mail is collated in one place and ensures you have a regional presence in your desired area without necessarily being there yourself.

If you need to organise a business meeting (or need some quiet time) then the benefit of a virtual office London is that you can hire it out on an ad-hoc basis. This again provide a strong, professional business image to clients and ensures you have a base in your desired region.

Another benefit of using a virtual office is the fact you have the opportunity to use call answering services. This means that you are not plagued by phone calls all day and instead you can get on and do work. It also means if you are on the phone, you do not run the risk of a missed call which could ultimately lead to missed business. You will in effect have a personal secretary so they will be able to answer the phone to your specification and stop things such as unwanted sales calls reaching you. Call answering services will give the impression to clients that you are based in your virtual office as calls can be transferred to you by the call answering service. This again serves to build confidence in your business and suggests that it is prospering within today’s tough industry.

As you’re not having to pay overheads for an office or for full time staff it leads to a positive cost implication. The money that you save can then be put towards a marketing campaign which will further enhance your business image and bring your company to the forefront of its field.

If you are interested in the benefits a virtual office London could bring to your business then do not hesitate to contact Velocity Virtual. They have a number of prestigious London virtual office addresses and also addresses in other UK locations such as Bristol and Reading. They can organise for you to work at these addresses if you need some quiet time. Velocity Virtual also run call answering services for your business. This means they can provide a full package of virtual office services or alternatively just the elements you require.