Businesses ‘need to get organised in 2013’


In the current economic climate all businesses should be looking to make sure they are being run in a cost-effective manner.



While the UK is struggling to record strong growth figures, many firms have been forced to look at their budgets and see if there are any areas where savings can be made. Top of any new year’s resolution list should be to get organised, as this will allow companies to streamline their operations.


By carrying out a detailed audit, firms can ascertain what areas of their business needs closer inspection and where major improvements – both in terms of cost and productivity – can be made.


Julie Morgenstern, an internationally-known organising and time management expert, recognises the importance that businesses should place in getting their house in order.


She said: “A well-organised office helps you find what you need and to work efficiently, which reduces stress. More importantly, staying organised lets you to spend more of your valuable time on what’s most important to your business.”


According to office products company Staples, the simple mantra shed, shred and get ahead should be placed at the heart of operations. Organisations are encouraged to purge unwanted files or papers and organise their documents in binders.


On top of this, firms can protect themselves by shredding any unneeded paperwork that has sensitive information. Finally, they have to make sure that electronic files are secure and protected, as this will make filling out tax returns much easier for small businesses in particular.


Because of this, organisations should set themselves a series of goals in the short and long term to make sure there not only get organised, but also put a system in place that means their situations will constantly be evaluated.


I can understand why many firms have concerns about the direction the economy’s taking at the moment, but this just means that being cost-effective is more important than ever. So, do the smart thing and get organised in the coming weeks and months.


Posted by the Secret Businessman