Business owners are ‘happiest’ professionals

VV 27 Jan 2

Did you know that business owners are among the happiest people in the nation’s entire workforce – closely followed by their staff?

That means that entrepreneurs and those with their own small or medium-sized enterprise must be a pretty pleased bunch, despite the numerous hurdles they have to overcome on a daily basis.

According to workplace provider Regus, one of the main reasons for this is because business owners are in a better position to take control of their work/life balance – something which is fundamental to happiness.

The report, based on a poll of 26,000 professionals across the UK, also showed that UK workers are much happier than their French and German counterparts – but less so than Americans.

Commenting on the findings, UK chief executive of Regus John Spencer said: “Employers must recognise the importance of work-life balance not only for their own health and that of their staff, but for the company as a whole.”

Posted by the Secret Businessman