Famous phone calls: A royal phone call |

We know it can be difficult to answer all your incoming business calls, especially when companies experience such high volumes of spam and sales calls. How can you know which phone call is important and which isn’t? You can’t – that’s why it is so important to answer every call, as your next call could … Continued

Making the move from freelance to small business owner |

Can you transform your freelancer operation into a registered small business… At some point many freelancers think life would be easier if they were running as a small business. Whether that’s because they’re getting enough work to be employed five days a week, 50 weeks a year, or they feel they’ll never be taken seriously … Continued

Psychological tips to give you the advantage in business |

You don’t have to have a degree in psychology to be a good leader, but understanding how people tick can give you the edge in business Recognising the nuances of human behaviour is one of the best ways to create a more productive workplace, earn trust and win tough negotiations.

Enhance your business prospects with a virtual office in London |

Recently there have been significant shifts in the way businesses operate, with many people opting to work from home instead of commuting into an office. However, it is still vital for companies to have a professional presence in order to attract new clients, which is where a virtual office in London could be your ideal … Continued

Business owners are ‘happiest’ professionals |

Did you know that business owners are among the happiest people in the nation’s entire workforce – closely followed by their staff? That means that entrepreneurs and those with their own small or medium-sized enterprise must be a pretty pleased bunch, despite the numerous hurdles they have to overcome on a daily basis. According to … Continued

Giving green a go |

In 1973, years before anyone had heard the term global warming, German insurance giant Munich Re conducted its own study of the effects of climate change. Today, the firm recycles three-quarters of their paper, publishes environmental indicators on its website, and is heading for complete carbon neutrality by 2015.   Munich Re proves that it’s … Continued

SMEs should look to women for growth |

  Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to boost growth and help the ailing UK economy at the same time, should look no further than the women in their companies.   That is according to a report by the Women’s Business Council (WBC), which says more must be done to “unblock the talent pipeline” and … Continued

What is a brand? |

/brand/ n: a particular product or a characteristic that serves to identify a particular product. According to the dictionary definition anyway. However, there is much more to a brand than this. A brand exists in the mind of the consumer – it is the culmination of the experiences and beliefs a consumer has that causes … Continued

What’s on offer for an entrepreneur? |

George Osbourne’s recent announcement to even further expand the £80bn Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS), puts an emphases on the role the government plays in addressing the most common complaint from entrepreneurs – securing finance. The chief executive of EEF backed the move, saying that ‘expanding lending to SMEs is the right call’.  And I … Continued

Blogging to achieve business objectives |

Here at Velocity Virtual towers, we’ve decided effective blogging would make for a useful blog topic. As regular bloggers, we have our own experience to share. On top of this, our small business owner customers have spoken to us about ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘when’ they blog and what works for them.