British businesses go for growth

VV 13 Aug a2

Good old British resilience is once again making waves as a business advice service reported that small companies are fighting the economic downturn and going for growth instead.

Analysis of 3,000 UK businesses that have worked with GrowthAccelerator also shows that growth isn’t confined to the capital.In fact, believe it or not, Birmingham has seen more growth than any other region in the country, and Brighton and Bristol have also made it into the top ten – it seems business is all about the ‘Bs’ these days.

GrowthAccelerator also noted that different geographical regions specialise in distinct sectors. Birmingham, for example, shows a strong trend in software companies. London and Manchester lean more towards media while many northern cities are dominated by manufacturing companies.

Whatever the business, it’s great to know that young companies are seizing dynamism, optimism and aspirations in order to overcome the economic uncertainty facing the UK at the moment.


Posted by the Secret Businessman