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Making the most of your time off as a freelancer

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People often think freelancers take endless holidays, but in reality taking time off one of the hardest parts of being self-employed. With summer upon us, check out our top tips for taking time out.

Freelancing can be great. You get to be your own boss, work with loads of interesting clients and, if you’re lucky, earn more that you would in a regular job.
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Time management tips that can save you hours a week

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Working from home can be extremely productive. There’s no commute, and no office drama to catch up on over a cup of tea. On the other hand it’s easy to get side-tracked and end up hours later wondering what exactly you have to show for your day.

To help you manage your time better we’ve put together some top tips to help you stay organised and make the most of your time…
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Daily struggles of a small business – and how to overcome them

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Running a small business can be lots of fun and very rewarding – but there are a number of everyday problems that every small business is likely to experience. Here are a few…and some tips for overcoming them…

You’ll face many big hurdles when setting up and running a new small business – like settling on your target audience and getting funding.
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Overcoming the dreaded career rut

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Many people get a mid-career slump after working for a long period – especially in a similar role or for the same company. If you’re feeling restless and detached from your work, it could be that you’ve hit yours. So, what to do now?

Doing the same job for many consecutive years without change can lead to a career slump or feeling as if you’re stuck in a rut. Your work starts to suffer because you’re not emotional or intellectually engaged with it anymore.
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