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Movies to get the creative juices flowing – what you should watch this evening

Sotheby's gallery assistant Freddi Privite adjusts Odalisque Au Fauteuil Noir by Henri Matisse, with an estimate between £9-12 million, ahead of the auction house's forthcoming auction

There’s nothing better than closing your laptop for the night, putting up your slipper-clad feet and popping on a movie to wile the evening away.

We all have our favourites – but did you know that Netflix has some relatively unknown and very inspirational movies? We’ve put together a list of some films to inspire the creative side of you, for something a little different on your next movie night…
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Freelance Fridays: Unusual social meet-up ideas

The bartender pours a glass of red wine with bottle in the bar.Glasses of red wine on the bar next to bottles of alcohol

Working from home can be a bit of a solo mission, so it’s important to make sure you still get in some social events that you’d usually attend if you worked in an office.

Take a look at these ideas for unusual and novel meet-up ideas to enjoy with fellow freelancers, for some creative inspiration and a lot of fun.
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6 famous freelancers we all admire, from Carrie Bradshaw to Sherlock Holmes

Sarah Jessica Parker arrives for the world premiere of Sex and the City at the Odeon West End Cinema, Leicester Square, London.

Everyone has idols from pop-culture or fiction, and most of us have inspirations in our industry, too. As freelancers, these can sometimes overlap. We’ve put together a list of 6 famous freelancers that have been inspiring us for years…

1. Carrie Bradshaw
Who is she? Freelance writer for the New York Times, writing a weekly column called Sex and the City. Eventually, her columns are collected and printed in a book.
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