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Here at Velocity Towers we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest business news and events affecting our virtual office clients. Catch up with the latest articles and our take on happenings around the Velocity planet…

The remote workers essential toolkit

Check out our guide to everything you need to be a remote worker – from the apps that make life easier to the kit that’s essential when working on the move

Working remotely provides plenty of flexibility and the chance to adjust your work/life balance.

But you’ll need a helping hand to become a productive and effective remote worker. Our toolkit gives you everything you’ll need to set up and succeed.

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The emergence of ‘mobile employees’

Being mobile doesn’t just mean you’re willing to work from home. A new breed of ‘mobile employees’ would be happy to work wherever – even moving abroad for a number of years.

With globalisation, the rise in remote working and advances in technology, a new breed of remote worker has risen – one that’s happy to travel for work but still wants to keep their home base.
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5 locations remote workers should never work from

Working remotely offers you the freedom to work from pretty much anywhere – but there are a few situations you should avoid if you want to remain productive.

The freedom remote workers have is a relatively new one. It was only a few years ago that remote working meant either sitting at home on your desktop computer or lugging around a heavy laptop with limited battery time.
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4 online ways to manage your time

Whether you’re an office worker or freelancer who works from home, if you struggle with time keeping, these online tools can help you keep track of your billable work.

Keeping track of how much time you’ve put into a project can be vital for freelancers. And for those working from home, being able to not only manage your diary, but show your manager or client that you’ve been productive is important.
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6 ways to make your home office more professional

The home office often straddles two worlds – the home and office – without ever committing to either. But if you want to be productive, you’ll need a professional looking and feeling home workspace.

The temptation with a home office is to over personalise it, making it reflect your living space rather than your working space. But this won’t help you get in the right mind-set and can affect your focus when trying to complete important tasks.
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What your business address says about you

In this day and age of online businesses, you might not think a business address matters that much. But where you’re registered can have a big impact on how people view your company.

When you talk about a company’s address the first thing that might pop into your mind is its web address. But in an age when anyone can set up a website and pretend to be a company or expert in a certain field, having a respectable business postal address is still important.

It’s a matter of trust
When you’re researching potential clients, suppliers or businesses online, knowing whether you can trust them is hugely important. There are many ways to ascertain this – but a quick one is to check their business address.

If they’re a finance firm but their business address is a flat in a tower block or actually a take-away restaurant you might want to dig a little deeper into their credentials.

But if they’re registered in a well-known office block near the financial district, you’re more likely to trust them.

Location is key
Where you register your business address is important as it can reflect the type of business you are.

For example, if your registered business address is in the suburbs, people might expect you to be a freelancer or run a cottage industry from your garage. But if you’re based in an industrial park, the client might expect you to have offices, warehouses and more.

There has been a huge surge in the number of businesses setting up in rural locations, especially among smaller businesses. And for many sectors, this isn’t an issue. After all, a food manufacturer might well be located near farmland. But for others, being registered in a city and having premises near to the action is important.

It’s all about relevance to your industry – although there are exceptions, especially when it comes to freelancers who might live in the countryside but travel to the city to work.

PO Boxes
One of the more traditional options for small businesses is to register a PO Box.

This essentially hides the actual location from anyone doing a quick search online. The PO Box can be located anywhere, just so long as the business owner can get access to it.

These are an affordable option for those not in need of office space. But they can suggest that the owner of the box doesn’t have any office premises themselves.

Velocity Virtual services
A more flexible alternative to PO Boxes are our Virtual Offices.

We can provide you with a prestigious city centre address, offering instant business credibility, giving your customers the impression that you are close to them.

On top of the address, these services can provide call answering similar to what you’d get in a bricks and mortar office block, plus you can even book out meeting room space for a day if you need to meet with clients or suppliers.


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