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Here at Velocity Towers we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest business news and events affecting our virtual office clients. Catch up with the latest articles and our take on happenings around the Velocity planet…

Renaissance your résumé

You may not be aware, and why would you be, that the first CV in documented history was written by someone we would now regard as needing no introduction – the grand master himself, Leonardo Da Vinci.

As UK jobs postings return to pre-pandemic levels, it might be time to dust off your CV and you would do well to take some tips from the Renaissance genius who, wishing to market himself in 1482 to the Duke of Milan, penned, or rather quilled, a manuscript detailing his capabilities and achievements.
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Is your imposter syndrome actually making you better at your job?

Young beautiful asian woman feeling hurt, fatigue, head ache, and stressed working with laptop in coffee shop cafe, vintage tone, office syndrome concept

Imposter syndrome has long been seen as a detrimental condition, certainly by those who feel it, but this lack of confidence could actually be to your advantage.

Those of us who occasionally suffer from imposter syndrome – that unnerving feeling that our abilities are being overestimated by other people – might believe that such lack of confidence is a hindrance to potential success. Thinking of ourselves as unworthy and worrying that someone will one day see through our charade piles on pressure in the work arena.
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Top tips for perfect email etiquette

Email makes us more efficient right?

Not necessarily, according to research by productivity software provider Boomerang.

This month marks the 50th anniversary of email. Its inventor, Ray Tomlinson, declared at the time that it was “a complete revolution, fundamentally changing the way people communicate.” He wasn’t wrong. Fifty years on the average worker sends and receives around one hundred emails a day but many of us consider them to be one of our biggest time wasters.
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How to be an indispensable freelancer

All businesses desire to establish mutually beneficial, long-standing relationships with clients, and its no different for freelancers.

The gig-economy has skyrocketed during the pandemic with huge numbers of workers turning to freelancing, and not necessarily as a result of losing their jobs. Many are simply trying to earn some extra cash by maximising the extra time they have on their hands.
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BE Offices extends virtual events programme to its virtual clients

All Velocity Virtual clients have been invited to sign up to our free health, wellness and fitness programme, run by MobGroup.

Team MOB is made up of some of London’s leading health and wellness experts, each with their own niche, but together they cover all the key areas to help clients prioritise and optimise their wellness from the convenience of their own homes.
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Top tips for tip-top freelancer organisational skills

Photographer planning a photo shooting

You are your own boss but are you bossy enough with yourself and do you have the self-discipline to be as organised as you know you should be?

You’re a freelancer and you’re brilliant at what you do. You love the independence it gives you, although sometimes you might feel you could do with a little less of the inconsistency in your workload and the occasional uncertainty about where the next job is coming from.

Of course, your clients aren’t aware of the fact that you are juggling quite a few of them at the same time, you do it so well, but in the meantime paperwork is piling up, the expenses file is getting out of control and the HMRC self-assessment deadline is looming.

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How a virtual office can benefit a freelance business

Virtual Office in London's Royal Exchange Avenue

If you are considering signing up for a virtual office, here five business benefits which could help you make up your mind.

Creating the right impression with a prestigious virtual business address is easier and more affordable than you might think.

1. Cost savings
Virtual offices start at just £35 per month so no need to worry about the costs associated with physical office space, such as business rates, utilities and insurance.
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