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First impressions: make them count when meeting new clients

Three designers discussing about new project in meeting hall. Group of executives meeting in boardroom.

First impressions can be make or break for freelancers meeting new clients. Here’s how to make a great first impression, so your client relations go from strength to strength.

The first time you meet a new client, you want them to leave the meeting feeling like they can’t wait to begin working with you. Giving a trusty first impression and having a good rapport with clients is essential for a freelancer or a start-up’s success.
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How to get the most out of Twitter

Hand holding a bluebird

Twitter is a social media juggernaut that doesn’t show any signs of slowing with age. But how can you capture all that online energy to make it work for your business?

If you’re a freelancer then one of your main objectives will be to market yourself, market yourself, and market yourself some more. One of the best ways to do this is through Twitter — but only if you’re using it properly.
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The best money management apps

debt collection and tax season concept with deadline calendar

For creative souls, the idea of managing finances is a scary one. But it doesn’t have to be, with our guide to the best financial apps out there.

Often one of the hardest things for freelancers to get their head around is the financial side of their business. Maybe you want to be creative and expressive, not bogged down with worries over invoices and finances.
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Making the most of your time off as a freelancer

Friends Cliff Jumping into the Ocean at Sunset, Outdoor Adventure Lifestyle

People often think freelancers take endless holidays, but in reality taking time off one of the hardest parts of being self-employed. With summer upon us, check out our top tips for taking time out.

Freelancing can be great. You get to be your own boss, work with loads of interesting clients and, if you’re lucky, earn more that you would in a regular job.
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