Famous phone calls: A royal phone call |

We know it can be difficult to answer all your incoming business calls, especially when companies experience such high volumes of spam and sales calls. How can you know which phone call is important and which isn’t? You can’t – that’s why it is so important to answer every call, as your next call could … Continued

Famous Phone Calls: The First Ever Telephone Call |

When you are running your own business, it can be stressful having to answer the phone to every incoming call, especially as you are unlikely to know the level of importance of each call. The worry that you may miss a business-changing phone call can put pressure on you to always answer the phone. We … Continued

Famous Phone Calls: President Nixon Telephones the Moon |

When the phone rings, you can never be sure whether you will be picking up a call to someone trying to sell you a printer or to an important client who urgently needs assistance. That’s why it is so important to pick up the phone – a phone call could be life-changing for your business! … Continued

The Recipe for Entrepreneurial Success |

Want to know the keys to entrepreneurial success? Who better to learn from than successful entrepreneurs! So, what is entrepreneurial success? IGI Global defines entrepreneurial success as “the individual entrepreneur’s distinct understanding and appraisal of the accomplishment of standards that are personally crucial to him/her.” As success is a subjective measure, there is no one-size-fits-all … Continued

The 5am club |

Most people have by now heard of the 5am Club and if you haven’t then you’re definitely sleeping (literally) on this life changing idea. Essentially ‘The 5am Club’ is the idea of rising at 5am (duh!) before the rest of your household, and using this time for self development. May that be reading, online training … Continued

Spotlight on entrepreneurs: Hilary Devey CBE |

Self-made businesswoman Hilary Devey triumphed over adversity to achieve her £100 million business empire through sheer hard work. The former investor on TV entrepreneurial show Dragons’ Den had a traumatic childhood – when extreme poverty led to bailiffs taking her family’s furniture.

Spotlight on entrepreneurs: The Spectrum Sisters |

We love an inspiring story about how hard work can pay off and that’s why we have chosen to tell you all about entrepreneurs, Sophie and Hannah Pycroft. The owners of Spectrum Brushes. If you are into makeup then you will know or have heard of Spectrum Brushes – they make cruelty and vegan free, … Continued

Exercise is the key to productivity says Virgin CEO |

  Richard Branson’s top tip for a productive day. There are countless ways to boost productivity, from to-do lists to morning routines, meditation to productivity apps, but according to the Virgin boss all you need to keep you energised throughout the day is exercise.

Goal setting: The SMART method |

Goal setting can make a real difference when it comes to achieving your dreams, providing motivation to continuously improve yourself. When goal setting, it is important to think about what you want to achieve, dream big because anything is possible no matter how cliche that sounds. As well as dreaming big, you have to be … Continued

Finding financial freedom |

For many people, finances can be a scary topic and one which has been compounded by increased inflation, not to mention the global pandemic, which has affected so many people’s livelihoods. When looking at your personal finances it can be a minefield, never knowing how much to spend and what you should be saving, but … Continued