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Here at Velocity Towers we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest business news and events affecting our virtual office clients. Catch up with the latest articles and our take on happenings around the Velocity planet…

6 famous freelancers we all admire, from Carrie Bradshaw to Sherlock Holmes

Sarah Jessica Parker arrives for the world premiere of Sex and the City at the Odeon West End Cinema, Leicester Square, London.

Everyone has idols from pop-culture or fiction, and most of us have inspirations in our industry, too. As freelancers, these can sometimes overlap. We’ve put together a list of 6 famous freelancers that have been inspiring us for years…

1. Carrie Bradshaw
Who is she? Freelance writer for the New York Times, writing a weekly column called Sex and the City. Eventually, her columns are collected and printed in a book.
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5 worst habits you can develop working from home

Woman having a cup of coffee in bed with a notebook


Every day is different for freelancers. At times you’ll be so stuck in the zone you can’t tear yourself away from the computer, but others you might feel more like cooking, reading or simply taking a “well-deserved” duvet-day.

We’ve put together some of the worst habits you can pick up working from home. Do any of them seem familiar to you? It’s not too late to nip them in the bud – a New Year’s Resolution, perhaps…
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Top tips for freelancers during the Christmas period

Freelancer's working place at home decorated for Christmas holiday

For freelancers, every day is a bit of a balancing act – but during the festive season it becomes even more difficult to smoothly balance time and tasks.

Here are some of our top tips for staying on track with work at home (while still retaining your Christmas cheer!) over the Christmas period.
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6 quirky Christmas gifts to help you stick in clients’ minds

Holiday gift box or present with bow ribbon against blue bokeh background. Magic christmas greeting card. Copy space for data or design

As a freelancer, it’s extremely important to nurture the relationship you have with your clients, and let them know you appreciate them. But what’s the perfect quirky and memorable gift to make sure they remember you when it comes to commissioning work in 2018?

1. A membership to Sock 101’s Sock of the Month Club
We know what you’re thinking – this sounds like a prize you’d pick out of a hat at the local school’s annual Christmas fête. But it’s actually an inspired and personal gift.
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6 ways freelancers can help themselves relax over Christmas

Father Christmas sits under a parasol on the beach

It’s harder for people who run their own business to switch off over the festive period. We look at ways to help freelancers relax and make the most of the festive season…

1. Plan ahead
It would be lovely to just down tools on Christmas Eve and relax for 10-days without a care in the world. But truthfully, Christmas can be hard work.
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7 ways to celebrate Christmas as a freelancer

Group Of Friends Dressing Up For Christmas Party Together

With many businesses thinking about their office parties, we look at ways freelancers and one-man bands can celebrate…

1. Plan a joint Christmas party
Team up with other freelancers and plan a joint bash to enjoy the celebrations. Whether it’s a drink in the pub, a slap-up meal or a night on the tiles, there’s no reason to make plans for one as there are plenty of other freelancers looking for festive fun and frolics.
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How Instagram can help boost your business

Woman taking a photo of a hot meat dishes on the wooden background with smartphone. Grilled chicken wings with red spicy sauce

Launched in 2010, Instagram has always been synonymous with tech-savvy teens, fans of selfies and food lovers keen to document every meal. But in recent years, it’s also become a strong visual marketing tool that harnesses a power that has never been seen in business.

Through photos, videos, captions and hashtags, companies can tap into people’s passions and engage with customers on a whole new level. Best of all? It’s completely free.
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5 places every freelancer secretly wishes they could do their work from

Moroccan spice stall in marrakech market, morocco

Whether it’s peace and quiet you’re looking for, or a colourful hub of creativity, here’s our list of dream destinations both real and fictional that most freelancers would love to work from….

Gopal’s anechoic chamber
Phones ringing, colleagues chattering and cars honking outside will all distract you from slogging away. So if your ideal working environment is tranquil and undisturbed, this chamber of quiet could be the space for you.
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