Best places to work if you don’t want to be at home

Portrait of Vietnamese male freelancer working in cafe

Working from home has its perks. You get to sleep in later, do household chores around your work, and never have to miss a package from the postman again.

But when cabin fever strikes, here are our top six tips for alternative workplaces.Working from home can be one of the best parts about being a freelancer. You can work in your pyjamas, catch up on chores, and avoid the dreaded commute.

For some, though, staying at home every day means getting cabin fever, and can grow just as tedious as working from an office cubicle. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are more and more options out there for freelancers or homeworkers looking for somewhere else to work. Here are our top six tips.

1. Head to your favourite café
The freelancer favourite, the neighbourhood coffee shop has long been the place to head if you’re looking for somewhere else to work. Cafés are perfect because they usually offer free Wi-Fi, plenty of tables, and coffee on tap.

But don’t take advantage of these great spaces if you’re taking up space that could be used by a paying customer. Make sure you keep your purchases flowing and try to avoid visiting at busy times like breakfast and lunch.

2. Check out your local library
Libraries are excellent places to get some work done. They are free to enter, often have free public Wi-Fi, and are quiet enough to help you keep your concentration.

Libraries often have a mix of open desk spaces and private cubicles so you get a choice of working environments. And if you need a break, then why not grab a novel and escape into another world for fifteen minutes?

Young Asian businessman taking note beside laptop on wooden table

3. Hit up the park
Summer is a great time to be a freelancer because instead of being stuck in a stuffy office, you can escape down to the local park and soak up the summer sun.

Heading to the park is the perfect way to get some fresh air and break up your working week, and using your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot means you’ll always stay connected. Just remember to apply some sunscreen…

4. Go round to a friend’s place
If you’ve got a group of homeworking friends, why not suggest working together? Getting in a group means you can bounce ideas off each other while avoiding that bane of freelancer life: loneliness.

Take it in turns to host a freelancer gathering once a week and enjoy the camaraderie of the office in the comfort of your (or your friend’s) home.

5. Get cultured
If you feel like getting a bit more culture into your working day, think about setting up shop at your town or city’s cultural centre?

Most of these spaces (think the Barbican Centre in London, or Home in Manchester) offer free Wi-Fi, coffee bars, and lots of desk space. And once you’ve finished working for the day you’ll already be in the perfect place to catch a show or exhibition.

6. Join a co-working space
If you’re missing that office space vibe, why not consider joining up to a co-working space? Most cities have these spaces, which offer great benefits like meeting rooms, on-site gyms, seminars, and the chance to connect with other like-minded professionals.

Companies like BE Offices have spaces across the UK, and offer a range of different membership types that can be catered to your exact needs.