Avoiding the tube strike


It’s not easy getting about in London during rush hour at the best of times, but yesterday (February 5th) really took the inconvenience of the daily commute to a new level.

Millions were estimated to have been affected by the strike action involving tube workers, with further disruption expected to take place today. Furthermore, unless the TUC and London Underground bosses can thrash out a deal over proposed losses of around 750 job posts in the few days that follow, we could see a similar walkout take place again on February 11th.

In terms of affecting businesses, you can probably imagine the impact it’s already had after just one day. At a time when business confidence and the economy as a whole is expected to be back on the up, many firms will have been working at a severely reduced capacity because of an inability of staff to get into the office on time – if at all.

Situations like this highlight another massive benefit of the virtual office. While many see the main plus point of this service as giving business credibility and prestige to relatively new companies, or those that can’t afford a top-notch business address in the City, it also means they don’t have to be based in the capital itself.

While there are already countless guides and articles available on the internet about “how to survive the tube strike”, surely the most obvious solution is just to avoid it completely?

By having a virtual office at a prestigious address in London, you get your post delivered there and forwarded on, you get your phone calls answered by a receptionist at the end of a London area code, but you don’t have to base yourself anywhere near the capital if you don’t want to. This way, you can avoid the chaos that ensues when there is a strike, the Victoria line shuts down because of a concrete flood, bad weather grinds the transport network to a halt – or anything else, for that matter.

Posted by the Secret Businessman