Using social media to grow your business |

Social media is one of the most important cogs in a successful business. Platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook allow you to promote yourself to the world. Here we explain how having a presence on social media can benefit your company. Build brand awareness A social media presence helps you build the brand awareness your … Continued

The proof is in the pudding |

This week’s episode started with the usual manly banter between Mark and Daniel about who is better and how this week’s task was going to be the confirmation they both needed. Meanwhile Lord Sugar decided it was time to switch the teams up with Daniel making his way over to Summit, while Sanjay was relocated to Tenacity. … Continued

How to find the best location for your business |

It’s all about location, location, location in the world of business. You therefore need to know where to set up camp – otherwise you could be doomed before you even begin. Follow our tips on how to find the best location. Do your homework The right address can give you a professional presence and impress … Continued

Fired for outsmarting the Lord |

  This week saw the candidates have a meeting with Lord Sugar in their pyjamas, a map of London and the return of products from the last 9 series. The task was to locate these products and negotiate for the cheapest price possible. There was a discussion over who should be PM for team Tenacity … Continued

5 things to think about when starting a business |

Are you toying with the idea of starting a business in 2015? If so, how do you plan on getting your enterprise off the ground? Starting your own business can be scary. But do it properly and you could be about to embark on the most fulfilling and rewarding experience of your life. Here are … Continued

How to childproof your home office |

  Working from home is a great option for many parents because it allows them to combine childcare responsibilities with a career or to be close to their children while they are growing up. But if you’ve got small children, it’s important to make sure your office is safe. Babies and toddlers can get into … Continued

Three Strikes and You’re Out! |

This week’s Apprentice took us on a trip to the countryside where both teams had to sell one product that already had a long standing presence at the country show, as well as introduce and sell two products that had never been seen there before. It was made clear by Lord Sugar that this week’s … Continued

Little boys in The Big Apple |

  This week’s apprentice saw half of each team jetting off to New York. A situation that was definitely going to cause conflict between the teams, fighting over who was more worthy of the trip. Due to a false claim from Mark to make sure he was PM and had the authority to choose who … Continued

6 tips on staying fit when working from home |

  It’s easy to stay inside all day when working from home. After all, there’s no commute and you don’t even have to walk anywhere to get lunch. We look at 6 tips on how to make sure that you stay fit and burn calories – even if you don’t go outside. 1. Get dressed You … Continued

From board games to the board room |

Standing on the deck of HMS Belfast Lord Sugar announced that this week’s task was to design and sell a new and never been done before board game. After we said goodbye to Sarah and Steven a few weeks ago I was sure that the teams were going to be able to come up with … Continued