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A digital nomad’s guide to work benefits

Working for yourself can be a daunting prospect, especially when you consider all the work benefits you won’t be getting. But digital nomads don’t have to miss out – read on for more…

When you decide to work for yourself, you might be concerned that you’ll miss out on important work benefits, such as sick pay, holiday time, a pension plan and more. But while you may not have these traditional benefits, you can take steps to minimise the impact of not receiving them and even give yourself some extra perks to replace them…
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Top 5 freelancer myths

Even though freelancing is a more popular career choice than ever, there are still myths about what being a digital nomad really is. Read about some common misconceptions and how to counteract them.

If you’re a freelancer, it’s likely you’ve heard a few myths about your work or lifestyle. These misconceptions can make it tough to win new clients or offer your skills for new jobs. But most of the time a simple explanation is enough to get the truth out there.
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How to go from freelancer to entrepreneur, without the drama

So you’ve decided to take the next step as a digital nomad and start your own business in earnest, but how do you manage the transition between freelancer and entrepreneur?

If you’ve been working as a freelance digital nomad for a while, you might be thinking about longer-term plans for your work. Fancy becoming more of an entrepreneur and creating a business, rather than working as a solo agent? We’ve got some simple tips for helping you make the change successfully.
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Keeping your work secure on the move

If you’re a digital nomad, chances are you’re doing your work on the move. But how can you keep your work and your equipment safe as you travel? Read on for more…

If you’re doing work on the go, chances are you’re carrying a laptop, a mobile phone, and other technological items as you travel. You’re also probably using Wi-Fi from coffee shops or other common workplaces. This can mean that you’re at a higher risk of theft or malware infection, and could mean your work is jeopardised.
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Top 5 savings apps for freelancers

Freelancers and digital nomads are often among the most budget-efficient people, but sometimes everyone needs a little extra help. Read on for 2019’s top 5 saving apps for workers on the move…

Even if you’re already a budgeting guru, it can’t hurt to use some apps to save some much-needed cash. As a freelancer’s work pattern is so variable, having funds on hand should you enter a dry spell is key to survival.
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Top 5 mindfulness apps for digital nomads

When you work for yourself and you’re always on the go, it can be hard to carve out some quality time for yourself. We take a look at the top mindfulness apps for digital nomads…

Freelancers are often so busy their lives can feel like a whirlwind. But, sometimes you need a little help to take five minutes to yourself, and to remind yourself of how far you’ve come.
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