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How to connect with colleagues when working as a freelancer

Keeping socially distanced shouldn’t stop you from staying in touch. Discover some of the ways you can build relationships with fellow professionals…

Form a freelance super-team, hone your skills and make the most of social media. Here are some of our favourite ways to forge new business friendships…
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A message for our clients

Virtual Offices London

During these difficult times your business undoubtedly will be experiencing many elements of instability, however, we’re glad to be a constant.

If you haven’t heard much from us, that’s because the beauty of being a virtual client means that it’s pretty much ‘business as usual!’ Your calls are still being forwarded, your post redirected and you still have that all important presence at our prime locations.

The only minor change is that we’d ask you to please bear with us if your post is a little bit slower than usual, due the unprecedented circumstances placed upon the mail system at present.

If you would like to get in touch with us for any reason please give us a call on 0800 953 0050

Which Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad character would make the best boss?

The fifth and penultimate series of the Breaking Bad spin-off has returned to Netflix – but how would the wise-cracking lawyer compare in the business world with his network of criminal clients and colleagues?

Better Call Saul is back for a fifth series this week, what better excuse is there to compare Albuquerque’s most corrupt characters?

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5 ways to fall back in love with freelancing

Forget a conference call with Cupid, or a deadline with Destiny – we’ve brought together five of our favourite tips to help work woo you once more…

Valentine’s Day is upon us, the perfect excuse for falling back in love with your freelancer life.

Read on to discover why you should be flirting with freelancing beyond the honeymoon period…
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