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Making the move from freelance to small business owner

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Can you transform your freelancer operation into a registered small business…

At some point many freelancers think life would be easier if they were running as a small business. Whether that’s because they’re getting enough work to be employed five days a week, 50 weeks a year, or they feel they’ll never be taken seriously while working from their bedroom.

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Using the LinkedIn Advanced Search to Fill Open Company Roles

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is made for professionals. It has many features that businesses can use effectively – not only for their marketing agendas but also when searching for new and competent employees.

One of its great features is the “Advanced” search option that gives a structured format of data from a specified search result, without combining everything into your keyword query.
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7 Things you should know about a Virtual Office

In general, the UK’s workforce commutes or drives to work wearing corporate attire. However, through technological advancements and the Internet, working has become easier. Technology has enabled us to connect with colleagues and clients, regardless of the distance.

Did you know that 65% of corporate UK is already engaged in remote office work? Working in a virtual office is currently on-trend.

7 reasons to have a virtual office

Existing purely in cyberspace, here are some other relevant facts about virtual offices:

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Tackling stress in homeworkers


Stats tell us that there are more people now working from home than at any time in history 1. They also show that stress and mental health-related illness is the main cause of long-term sickness 2.

We know that employers are starting to address the challenge of stress-related illness, but are they doing this with workers from home as well as those in the office? Many office-based workers may imagine that their home-based colleagues have it easy, but do homeworkers suffer from as much stress as office-based workers? And if so, what are the main causes?
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Let’s hear it for mumpreneurs


Home is where the heart is, so why go to parties? But if this old adage is true, then why consider working anywhere other than from your own place, especially if you’re a mum?

Nearly two in three mothers with children below the age of 10 are thinking about launching their own business from home in the next three years, according to a new study.
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FSB reports growing export ambition of small businesses


According to the latest research from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), the number of small businesses looking to export goods and services is at its highest ever level. The FSB’s quarterly business index found that almost a quarter (24 per cent) of FSB Members anticipate an increase in exports over the next quarter.

As the current account deficit in the UK reached an all time high in December 2013, narrowing the export gap is more important than ever and the role played by small firms in this is critical.
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