Answering each phone call is crucial for small firms


One of things I’ve learned in business over the years is the importance of delegating certain tasks – usually the things you’re not so good at – to other people.



It’s impossible for businesspeople to fight on all fronts – they inevitably find their time, attention and energy spread too thinly.


And this is why it is vital to seek help where help is available.


One of the things I found particularly helpful when setting up a company was to hand over control of the customer service element to a trusted colleague.


While I was out and about completing jobs and raising the profile of the company, she was answering the phones and handling enquiries about potential jobs.


If I had the time to do this I would, but with 15 to 30 calls coming in per day, it was simply not possible.


A dedicated employee was needed to take control in this area, to avoid potential clients’ calls being missed – something which makes the wrong initial impression.


Increasingly, companies are choosing to use external telephone answering services to make sure all calls are professionally handled, and this is a great idea.


It ensures someone picks up the phone, and they have the time and focus to give callers the full attention they deserve – and expect from any decent business.


Posted by the Secret Businessman