A flexible future for small businesses

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With our offices available on monthly contracts, we take a look at other services you can subscribe to on a monthly basis to give you more flexibility – allowing you to cut your costs when money runs low or expand your services when you need them.

Being flexible as a small business is important – especially when it comes to your finances. So, being able to change your subscriptions services on a monthly basis, instead of having to wait for 2 years or pay huge cancelation fees, can help make ends meet.

Here are 5 services that offer more flexible contracts for your business:

• Mobile phones
With a number of providers now offering flexible, monthly contracts, it means you can increase your allotted minutes, texts and data if needed and reduce them when times are tight or you’re going to use it less. For example, if you’re going to be away from the office for more than a few days and need access to 4G speeds, you can up your contract for a month and then reduce it when you’re back in the office. This could cost as little as £3 a month, which when compared to Wifi access at some venues is a good deal.

• Internet
Some smaller broadband firms are now offering rolling contracts, which are perfect for when you’re setting up a new business or new office and aren’t sure of your needs just yet. It’s also great when you’re setting up a home office and not sure you current broadband will cover it.

• Computing
Cloud computing is just coming into its own and has recently been praised by the likes of Google and Microsoft as the future for businesses. However, if you’re not sure you’re ready to jump on board and ditch all your hardware just yet, you can try it out with a monthly contract.

Dropbox and other cloud storage services offer monthly rolling contracts for business users, which means that if you get a sudden influx in work you can respond quickly by increasing your capacity and then shut it off again if business cool down.

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• Delivery
With the likes of cloud computing and video conferencing making things in the business world move at lightning speed, sometimes getting something delivered can seem to take an age. Fortunately, Amazon offers a monthly contract for its Prime service so you can get items delivered next day.

It’s not the only delivery service that offers rolling contracts – you can get anything from coffee to snacks delivered on a subscription service to your office.

• Offices
And, of course, you can now get yourself a top of the range office on a monthly deal from Business Environments along with a virtual office service from Velocity Virtual. These are great for start-ups and small businesses looking to add a level of credibility to their operation and move away from a home office.

Posted by the Secret Businessman