6 tips on staying fit when working from home


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It’s easy to stay inside all day when working from home. After all, there’s no commute and you don’t even have to walk anywhere to get lunch. We look at 6 tips on how to make sure that you stay fit and burn calories – even if you don’t go outside.

1. Get dressed

You may want to stay in your pyjamas all day – just because you can. But nothing is quite as demotivating as not getting dressed. You don’t have to wear a suit or put make-up on, but just putting on some proper clothes will make you far more likely to get out of the house while you’re having a break.

2. Get a timer

Studies have shown that sitting down for long periods can slow your metabolism and damage your heart, so make sure you get up from your desk and move around at least once an hour. If you’re the kind of person who gets totally immersed in what you’re doing, only to realise three hours has gone by – get yourself a timer so that you’re reminded to get up.

Whether it’s a stopwatch, an egg timer or an app on your mobile phone, set it to go off every hour and make sure you do something. You could do some stretches in the office, walk up and down the stairs in your house or take the dog out – just make sure that you actually move. No excuses!

3. Exercise at your desk

There are some things you can do to exercise at your desk. Using a gym ball instead of a chair is a good way to engage your core muscles and is also good for your back. It’s also fun for bouncing around on – kids love them! You could invest in a standing desk so that you’re not sitting at all, or even a treadmill desk if you want to literally exercise while working.

4. Desk yoga

Sitting at a desk all day isn’t good for your posture. If you find yourself slumped in your chair with your shoulders hunched forwards and your neck tilted down, you could end up with back and neck problems. Performing some simple yoga poses can work wonders to loosen up aching backs and shoulders. Plus the benefits of working from home mean that you won’t have all your colleagues staring at you while you do them. Try some simple neck roles and arm stretches to begin with, before attempting some more complex moves.

5. Avoid snacking on junk food

It’s very tempting to raid the fridge or the biscuit tin when you’re working from home, but this is an easy way to pile on the pounds. If you like snacking, try to prepare some healthier food the night before, such as chopped carrots, peppers and apples. That way you can just grab them out of the fridge when you feel peckish. If you don’t fancy fruit and veg all the time, low-fat popcorn is much healthier than crisps and just as tasty.

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6. Phone a friend

Find a friend who has a similar schedule as you to ensure you get out of the house and do some exercise together. It could be someone who also works from home or a friend at home with their children. Arrange a time to meet up and go for a walk for half an hour each day. It’s much easier to exercise regularly if you’ve got a friend to do it with. Plus having a friend to nag you will definitely get your out of your office – even if it’s a bit cold outside.

Have you get any great ideas on getting fit while working from home? Let us know how you stay healthy as a remote worker.


Posted by Julie Tucker