6 tips for an ace at-home workspace

Smiling young female entrepreneur working on a laptop at home

Create your own at-home working paradise by following these top tips…

There’s an art to creating the ideal at-home workstation, so follow these quick tips and set yourself up in a great office space in your very own home.

1. Sit comfortably
Most of us spend around eight hours a day at our desks, so it pays to make sure your chair supports you properly. Invest in a good chair and not only will you be more inclined to work, you also won’t have to worry about lower back pain later on in life. Make sure all your furniture supports your way of working, from your desk to your bookcases.

2. Find your light
When positioning your desk, try and get as much natural light into your workspace as possible by placing it near a window — just don’t let yourself get blinded by the sunshine! And regardless of natural light, don’t forget lamps. Some well-placed table lights will provide a much more appropriate light level than overhead lights, meaning you can keep working for longer.

3. Store up some storage
A tidy workplace is a productive one, so make sure you don’t let the clutter get you down by getting hold of some good quality storage. Whether you opt for a traditional filing cabinet, some quirkier space-saving options, or even a simple desk tidy, keeping your workplace clear can be a great way to keep yourself organised. If possible, why not go paperless? These days there are plenty of apps and online tools that mean you don’t have to use paper if you don’t want to.

4. Soundtrack your work
In an office environment, you can’t exactly play your favourite tunes at full volume unless you opt for some high-spec headphones. However, in your home workspace you have no such problem. Take the opportunity to find out which type of music helps you work best, whether it’s smooth classical or death metal.

5. Add some greenery
Bring the outside in by adding some houseplants to your office space. As well as pumping out oxygen, according to some wellness experts a little greenery can even make you happier. And if you like cooking, why not add a little herb garden to your office? That way you won’t only get some great greenery, you’ll also get some excellent smells and tastes too.

6. Stock up
When you work from home there’s no stationary cupboard you can quickly nip to if you want a new pen or notebook. To ensure you don’t have to keep popping to the shops every half hour, make sure you stock up with office supplies well in advance. There are plenty of bulk-buy options when it comes to stationary and you’ll probably save money if you buy in large quantities — perfect for the freelancer with a bank account to watch.


Posted by The Secret Businessman