6 quirky Christmas gifts to help you stick in clients’ minds

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As a freelancer, it’s extremely important to nurture the relationship you have with your clients, and let them know you appreciate them. But what’s the perfect quirky and memorable gift to make sure they remember you when it comes to commissioning work in 2018?

1. A membership to Sock 101’s Sock of the Month Club
We know what you’re thinking – this sounds like a prize you’d pick out of a hat at the local school’s annual Christmas fête. But it’s actually an inspired and personal gift.

Every month for an entire year, Sock 101 will send your client a stylish and good-quality, hand-picked pair of socks. You can go as quirky or as classic as you like – for fashionable clients who like a touch of luxury in all areas of their wardrobe, it’s truly ‘the gift that keeps on giving’.

2. A Dapper Doggie hamper
Have you got a client that loves to update you on their dog’s latest adorable habit, shows you endless pictures of it eating, walking or wearing clothes, or even brings it to meetings in a personalised carrier? We know just the gift for such a client.

Dapper Doggie puts together luxury hampers for pooches, complete with goodies like jumpers, collars, cute treats and stuffed toys.

Your client – and their dog – are sure to thank you for it.

3. Gourmet tea or coffee basket
Does your client always sip on tea or coffee during meetings? A basket filled with delicious gourmet tea or coffee shows you’ve paid attention to something they like, and also allows you to get creative.

Add a few chocolates, a tea strainer, a miniature French press – whatever you think they’d like in their basket of treats. Putting the effort into creating a personalised package for someone is a sure sign that you value them – something clients will always appreciate knowing.

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4. Personalised stationary
Similarly to the personalised treat basket, stationary with a unique touch will always go down well with clients.

They may already have company branded pencils, notepads and so forth, but a nice journal, planner or laptop case with an embossing of their own initials on it would make a beautiful, memorable gift.

5. Tickets to comedy
You may not know your clients’ favourite comedians, but you can get tickets to local comedy clubs which show a range of different comedians each night, so there’s usually something to suit every type of humour.

Treating clients to an informal and exciting night out is a great way to ensure you’ll be on their mind in the New Year. When they’re doubled over with laughter, they’ll be thinking of you – for all the right reasons.

6. A terrarium
This oxygen-giving gift is ever-popular among lifestyle bloggers and it’s becoming a top Christmas gift choice for anyone who spends a lot of time at their desk.

A terrarium is a glass container which holds a variety of plants. It’s a bit like a miniature greenhouse. They purify the surrounding air, boost creativity and reduce anxiety and stress. Anyone with a desk job is sure to be appreciative of one!


Posted by The Secret Businessman