5 ways to make your new business look more professional

Staff working in a busy office mezzanine

First impressions are hugely important – whether it’s online or in person. By making sure your new business looks professional, you’ll make an impression that lasts

Looking professional is not about wearing a suit and tie – it’s about showing your clients and customers that you can be trusted, that any service you provide will be quality and that you take your work seriously.

Here are 5 simple tips to make your new business look and feel more professional.

1. First impressions
First impressions can be made before your client or customer has even met you. If you’ve invited them to your offices for a meeting, or someone has walked into your store, the first thing they see is the front door, foyer or reception.

Make sure everything is tidy, lights are working, the person manning the reception is friendly and any branding you have is clean and noticeable. If they have to wait in reception, make sure they are comfortable and have something to drink or read.

2. Dress code
The modern workplace is no longer dominated by grey suits and ties. Office wear can range from jeans and jumper to suits or a t-shirt, depending on your industry. While each industry and office now have their own dress code, if you’re meeting new clients err of the side of smart.

And make sure that even if you’re wearing jeans and a polo shirt that it’s well ironed and clean. Nothing says lazy and unprofessional more than an un-ironed shirt.

3. Branding
Your branding should represent you as a company. Great branding promotes a positive connection with your company, helps people remember who you are and lets customers know what to expect.

It can start with something as a simple as a logo. But no matter how simple it is, it should be professionally designed. Something done by your mate will stand out as amateurish. Hire a designer to come up with something that represents who you are as a company.

From there, your branding should be applied to everything from business cards and laptop bags to note pads and pens. However, don’t go overboard with it – wearing branded t-shirts just makes you look a bit desperate.

Another positive side effect of good branding is that it gives your staff something to be proud about.

Man working at a computer, office interior

4. Online presence
These days, your client may never even get as far as your reception – your foyer is now your website. Make sure it looks up-to-date and smart by keeping it clean and easy to use. And choose a web address that is easy to remember and reflects your company.

Same goes for email addresses – people might not think you’re professional if you’re still using a free email address like Gmail or Hotmail. Pay for one with your company name in it.

When sending emails, make sure that you have a company-wide signature format, with your contact details, logo and links to any current projects you’re working on.

It’s not just your website – you have to make sure your social media pages are looking their best as well. Update them regularly, only posting links that are relevant to your industry and keep an eye on comments.

5. Get a virtual office
If you’re a small business that needs to look bigger than you are, why not try one of our Virtual Offices. It can help you create instant credibility with a prestigious business address and call answering services.

You’ll be able to win business from corporate clients you never could before as they will have confidence in your business.


Posted by The Secret Businessman