5 spring cleaning jobs that all freelancers should do this April

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Spring is the perfect time to shed the clutter of the previous financial year, and provides the perfect opportunity to revitalise your work.

With these 5 “spring cleaning” jobs, pressing the restart button on your work has never been easier.

1. Clear your headspace
There’s no need to get Daoist and completely feng shui your work station, but a neat and tidy home office will help you concentrate on your work, instead of the clutter. Whether you have a home office, or a dedicated nook it’s best to get the duster out for a quick tidy as an organisation needs… organisation.

Avoid stuffocation by recycling any old papers that aren’t needed. You can also apply this to data files that you don’t regularly use – either upload them to cloud-based storage or an external hard drive (this will give your computer a little boost in speed, too).

2. Revamp your online presence
Have a think about the way you present yourself online. When was the last time your website was updated? How are you communicating on social channels?

If your website is looking stale and outdated maybe it’s high-time for a redesign. Your website helps customers or clients form an impression of you and your business, and remember – first impressions count.

Equally, if the last thing you posted on your social channels was best wishes for the new year, you’re doing something wrong. Either get on top of regularly posting – your business will look stagnant if you don’t – or consider cutting dead weight and drop any social media platforms that don’t work for you.


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3. Evaluate your clients
Reviewing your client list makes business sense. When you first started out you may have taken on clients who pay you less than newer ones. Hopefully you will have built a great relationship during the time that you have been working with them and can approach them about upping your fees. However, sometimes it’s necessary to replace older clients who pay less with newer ones who pay more. Be efficient and use this opportunity to ditch any clients who aren’t worth the headache.

4. Update your portfolio
What work have you done in the past year that you are particularly proud of? This season is the perfect time to update your portfolio with any stand-out projects that you’ve worked on recently. Your portfolio should display what you’re capable of and your true range of skills.

5. Review your goals
Finally, revise your business plan. You probably created one when you started out, but are your goals still the same? Revisit the plan you initially created and re-evaluate it to match your current business position and aims.

Posted by The Secret Businessman