5 reasons to get away from shorter days and head to the Southern Hemisphere

As the clocks go back and the days feel shorter, why not travel south in pursuit of the sun? We suggest the top reasons for freelancers to move to another hemisphere when winter sets in…

The clocks went back on 27 October, and that means darker working hours. For freelancers able to work on the move though, it might be tempting to travel south.

We’ve thought out five reasons to justify the move…

Health and happiness
Studies continue to show that better weather generally means feeling better, and if you’re limited to one location the winter can feel a little depressing. One of the great perks of being a digital nomad is that you can venture to warmer climes when the colder months are on their way. If you work remotely, why not boost your wellbeing by venturing to sunnier shores?

Low season opportunities
In the Northern Hemisphere, work tends to slow down as the festive period and cool weather set in. Avoid the problem of having a slow work season by moving to where things are either already warm, or heating up. Giving yourself new avenues for work and clients might be trickier if everyone’s away on holiday for Christmas, so look for a new location that isn’t experiencing a seasonal slump.

Learn a new language
Though you might not have considered working in another language, the festive season – when things are quieter in the UK – might be the perfect time to learn. Adding another string to your bow, and opening up new avenues for clients can never be a bad thing.

Save some money
New locations and sunnier climes can even be good for your bank balance. If you’re struggling with the cost of living in a big city, why not try going somewhere a bit cheaper and warmer? There’s work to be found everywhere when your work is digital, so you might as well look in locations that can offer you some sun and a discount on your living costs.

Get some holiday time in
Sometimes, freelancers need a break to remember that life doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Getting out from your familiar surroundings and having some much-needed time off is important for your creativity and inspiration. Although you could stay put in the northern hemisphere, flights and holiday packages tend to be cheaper in the winter months, so get something in the diary!


Posted by Julie Tucker

Images courtesy of Press Association