5 reasons remote working doesn’t just mean working from home

When you think about remote workers you might well envision someone sat in their home office working away. But the reality is much more varied.

Remote working is becoming much more popular thanks to changes in legislation allowing more flexible working, and the rise in technology making working away from your central office actually doable.

But it’s not all about setting up a home office. Your remote location could be in a number of places…

On a hot desk
If you head into a company’s head office these days you might well see a different sea of faces than from the day before. This is due to the rise in hot desking, whereby no one has their ‘own’ desk, but instead uses whichever spot is free.

Remote workers often embrace hot desking as they probably don’t need their own space in the office, spending much of their time away from it.

But it’s useful to have such space in the office for those days when remote workers want to come in whether for a meeting, project work or just to catch up with everyone socially.

In a coffee shop
One of the more popular venues for remote workers who don’t want to spend their whole day in their house is to head to their nearest coffee shop.

The rise in ‘coffices’ – coffee shops that double as offices – has helped this. These venues will let remote workers sit for hours at a table, offering good WiFi connections, a place to plug in their laptops and space to work from.

While most people wouldn’t spend the whole 9 to 5 day there, many use it for mornings, a couple of hours in the afternoon or even to hold meetings.

Using a short term rent
If you’re a freelancer or small business owner that works remotely, but you occasionally want to use office facilities, you’ve got a few options available.

The first is to rent an office space over a short period. This could be when you’ve got a large project and need access to some of the basic office equipment or just a place to think.

Or it could be that you rent it out for a few days a week, providing you with an alternative to your home office that is closer to clients’ premises.

Visiting shared spaces
Another option is the shared office space. Like short term rents, these can be hired for short periods.

The benefits of these are that you often share with people in the same industry. This allows an exchange of ideas and the social interaction you can get from an office, but without the commitment of hiring a whole space to yourself.

Again, these can be rented for a short period or a few days a week.

In one of our day offices
Finally, remote workers can take advantage of our day offices. These are great if you need a quiet professional space away from your home office.

On top of that, we can also offer everything you’d get from your standard office space but without the long term commitment. We can even provide you with our Virtual Office Service and the flexibility of our 4-Day pass. This allows you access for 4 days to a variety of our office locations over a 3-month period.


Posted by The Secret Businessman