5 perfect resolutions for freelancers

Is your New Year’s Resolution to unlock your potential as a freelancer? Make 2020 your year with these tips.

These five things could help to make you a better, healthier and happier freelancer in 2020…

1. Do more of what you enjoy
Many freelancers take the leap away from the 9 to 5 to pursue their passion, but eventually find themselves bogged down with too many demanding clients. Stepping away from the lure of quick cash can be good for your creative spirit and work-life balance. Make 2020 the year that you find your mojo again by throwing yourself into less lucrative but more interesting work.

2. Find or become a mentor
Freelancing can be a lonely lifestyle. So, seeking the help of a mentor – not necessarily someone working in your field, but someone who has the kind of life experience you relate to – could help you feel more connected. Perhaps you feel confident to mentor others yourself. Helping those with less experience can be rewarding, and you may learn a thing or two from your mentees.

3. Make health a habit
Say “no more” to putting your work before your health. Take time to care for yourself and you will quickly see your work benefit too – your concentration will improve, and you will take fewer sick days. Achieving a healthy work-life balance shouldn’t be limited to yoga classes or joining a sports team, it’s important to consider your mental health and your diet too.

4. Invest in professional development
Is there a piece of software you haven’t quite mastered? Could you add another string to your bow by learning a skill that seems completely alien to you? Investing in your professional skills could see you add to your capabilities, attract new clients or discover a new-found passion. Your existing clients are sure to be impressed by your ever-expanding skillset too.

5. Raise your rates
If you’ve been freelancing for a while and haven’t adjusted your costs, the New Year is the perfect time to make this change. It may seem intimidating, perhaps off-putting for your previous clients but if you’ve built on your experience, learnt new skills and offer real value you should feel confident giving yourself a pay rise. Check your new rates against others in your industry before making any drastic changes.


Posted by Alex Abdelaziz

Images courtesy of Press Association