5 lesser-known benefits of remote working

Young woman working at home or in a small office

We all know flexibility and freedom are among the biggest benefits to remote working – but what about the lesser-known advantages of working away from an office?

Remote working is extremely popular these days thanks to advances in technology. It means we can be more flexible in our working hours and have more freedom when it comes to location – whether it’s at home, in a café or even on holiday.

We’ve touched upon some of the main benefits of remote working in some of our previous blogs, but what are the other, lesser-known, reasons to ditch the head office and go remote…

1. Focus
Offices might be great for socialising and sharing ideas, but when you’ve got a deadline to hit sometimes you need to focus. When you’re working remotely you’re usually going it alone so can get your head down and deal with the task at hand.

You’re able to focus only on the important tasks and not the everyday things that need to be dealt with in the office, like meetings, coffee runs and endless emails.

2. Eating healthy
While many offices are coming round to the workforce benefits of healthy eating, many still have a limited choice of snacks and food that are good for you.

This means your only other options are to make a lunch that will still taste good four hours later or to head out – which means salt-filled supermarket sandwiches, unhealthy crisps, fast food or sausage rolls.

But if you’re working from home, you’ll have the full choice of your stocked cupboards and it’ll only take 10 minutes to put together a healthy salad, low-calorie soup or a veg-filled sandwich.

And the benefits continue, as if you start your day with a healthy breakfast you’ll have more energy throughout the day to keep you going.

3. Having pets at home
One of the main reason people often don’t get a pet – especially dogs – is they simply don’t have the time to walk them at least twice a day and feel guilty about leaving them home alone all day. But if you’re working from home there’s no reason not to get one in.

A survey carried out by the Banfield Pet Hospital in the US found employers who allow pets in the office are viewed as highly progressive, making the working environment a more positive one.

This also goes for at home – having a pet around can help you de-stress when you’re facing a tough task.

4. Enjoy the weather
There’s nothing worse than being stuck in an office on a hot sunny day, or knowing that on the few days it does snow, your kids are out having fun with your other half or the nanny.

But if you work from home, you’re more in control of your hours so can respond to good weather.

As long as the work get done, there’s no reason why you can’t spend a few hours on in the garden with your family while it’s hot, then make up the work when the rain eventually returns, if deadlines allow.

Mother working at home

5. Family time
Sometimes getting the work/life balance right can be hard – especially if you’re away in an office all day. But if you work from home, it can be easier to spend time with the family.

Firstly, you’re saving time by not having to commute – this can be used instead to have breakfast with everyone or to pick up the kids from school.

You’ll also be at home to have lunch together, or be on hand if one of the kids has to come home from school sick.

Posted by The Secret Businessman