5 great organisation apps to help you streamline your week

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Being a freelancer usually means no day is the same. While this can be stimulating and fun, it can make it tricky to plan your weeks. Here are some apps to help you out.

1. For note-taking and list-making: Evernote
As the name suggests, this is all about taking and keeping notes. You can do this in a variety of formats, including through imagery, so you’re sure to find a method that suits you. You can also transfer notes and lists across different platforms. The best part is that Evernote syncs with loads of other apps, so it’ll keep up to date with everything you do and provide you with a place to keep a tab on your tasks.

2. For finances: Monzo
Most of us have heard of the new competitor to traditional banking systems that’s storming the nation with it’s easy-access accounts and Day-Glo orange cards. There’s a reason that, at one stage, waiting time for an account was up to two months. Aside from acting as a real-time current account (meaning no wait time at all before money leaves the account, so you always know how much is available), the clever app also tots up how much you spend in different areas so you can see where you need to cut down (prepare to be shocked – you spend that much on coffee a month?). Signing up to Monzo is a free, easy way to keep on top of finances – essential for most freelancers.

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3. For claiming free things: Loyalive
Everyone loves being given free treats. But collecting loyalty cards from favourite cafés, supermarkets, burrito bars – you name it – can put a strain on your wallet. Loyalive lets you keep your loyalty points all in one app, and even alerts you when you’re due a free snack or coffee. Imagine the joy of knowing you’re awarded a free cappuccino on a rainy morning – the perfect kick-start to a work day!

4. For virtual personal assistance: 24me
Not many of us can justify employing a personal assistant, though we probably wish we had one from time to time. Say hello to 24me – the straightforward, helpful and free automatic task-manager. Stay on top of your calendar, task lists, billing, events and personal date reminders, all in one easy-to-navigate app. It even lets you know when the best time to leave to get to appointments or meetings is, depending on real-time traffic. We’re not sure a real personal assistant could tell you that…

5. For creating inspiring mood boards on the go: Pocket
If you work in the creative industry, you’ll know how important it is to always keep your eyes open for inspiration, whether it’s in YouTube videos, songs, magazines – you name it. Pocket lets you store anything that inspires you while browsing the web, or your email inbox, in one accessible file. It even sends you suggestions based on your tastes – the ultimate inspiration station, right on your mobile or tablet!


Posted by The Secret Businessman