5 best web resources for freelancers moving abroad

Taking your freelancing to far-flung locations can seem daunting at first. Our pick of the five best web resources will see you make the move with a lot less to worry about.

In a world where portfolios and passports collide, our list of web resources will make freelancing seem that much freer.

Read on for five of our favourites…

1. Nomad List
Before making the leap of faith and moving abroad, information is key. What country has the fastest wi-fi speed? How much will my living costs be? Where’s the warmest place I could work from? Nomad List ranks over 1,200 destinations from around the globe to give you the answers that shape your next business move. Filter results based on the factors that matter most to you and receive scores sourced from digital nomads like yourself.

2. WorkMode
With a lack of local knowledge and a constant need for internet access, all digital nomads could benefit from a map of their surroundings detailing their nearby wi-fi options. That’s where WorkMode comes in. The browser-based app overlays the roads and avenues near you with information on wi-fi hotspots. Filter results according to distance, connection speeds and the best coffee to personalise your hunt for the perfect mobile office.

3. Anyplace
The accommodation searching solution allows you to browse and book apartments, co-living spaces and hotels, all with utilities included. After a quick application, Anyplace carries out background and credit checks so you can begin your flexible month-to-month living, without signing long term contracts. With wi-fi and other bills covered, it’s up to you to immerse yourself in your new environment and fall for a new way of life, before moving on to somewhere new.

4. DuoLingo
DuoLingo may be well-known for its app but the web service offers the same functionality and more. An event section allows you to meet fellow language learners near you, through pre-planned meetings or by setting up an event of your own. Expect extra grammatical explanations, a dictionary to translate phrases and access to the DuoLingo podcast. The ability to learn multiple languages will sharpen your skills for your current destination and the next.

5. ScheduleOnce
While you might not share time zones with your clients, there’s no reason why you can’t share your schedule. ScheduleOnce allows you to share your diary with whoever you wish over email and embed an appointment booking system to a web page. Define the times when customers can book, set buffers between meetings and if you work in a team, let others know about everyone’s availability in one place before the bookings start rolling in.


Posted by Mishelle Hernandez