5 alternatives to desk chairs when working from home

While the standard office chair has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, there are some alternatives that can be better suited to your home office…

The basic design of the office chair might not look that different from the ones used decades ago – a simple seat set up with a tall back, arm supports and wheels. But they have become a lot more ergonomically friendly in recent years.Yet there are office chair alternatives that are looking to move away from the standard set up and introduce something a bit different that could create healthier and more comfortable home offices.

1. Standing desk
These are becoming a lot more popular in offices and could be a great option for the home office, especially if you’ve got limited space and don’t use the office all day.

The main benefit is that they make you more active. The simple act of standing rather than sitting means you burn more calories every day. Some studies suggest it could be as much as 350 extra calories a day. With this comes a host of related benefits such as lower blood sugar and weight loss.

It can also help reduce back pain with 1 in 3 users noting a reduction in such pain when using a standing desk.

2. Balance ball
You might have seen these in your local gym but they make a great home office chair option that’s more affordable than most of the others.

These giant inflatable balls help boost your core muscles which, over a long period of time, can help reduce back pain. The balance balls can also help improve your spinal alignment and reduce nerve compression.

3. Saddle seats
These are just as they sound – essentially a larger and more padded bike saddle on a stool.

One of the big problems with regular office chairs is that they encourage you to slump, putting your back into a C-shape, which is not ideal for the spine.

As the saddle seats are backless, they stop you from doing this, making you sit more upright. It also is slightly lower, meaning your thighs are lower helping to create a more natural spine curve.

4. Kneeling chairs
These were very popular a few years back but seemed to get replaced by either the balance ball or standing desk.

But this option – in which you kneel forward onto a rest and then sit slightly back – is a better one for long term usage than the above choices.

It helps take the weight off your spine and helps promote a more natural curve of the back. It also gives your abdominal muscles a work out and can help boost breathing and circulation in what is called ‘active sitting’.

5. Treadmill desk
For those really looking to get fit and healthy this is the choice for you. It’s pretty much what it sounds like – a treadmill with a built in desk.

It’s not one for using all day, though it can double as a standing desk when turned off. Stick it on for a gentle work first thing in the morning and just after lunch to get the blood flowing and calories burned.

And for those worried about how it affects your typing, don’t be concerned as the desk itself isn’t directly attached to the treadmill so won’t wobble.


Posted by The Secret Businessman