4G mobile services to create new opportunities?


So 4G has arrived in the UK – well in some parts of the country at any rate. EE has launched its next-gen network in 11 cities, and we’re keen to see how they development plays out.


Super-fast mobile broadband could well revolutionise the way British companies operate, with faster upload and download speeds creating more opportunities to work on the move.


If the new development means faster and more reliable internet access for mobile workers – and those of us who find ourselves away from the office – then it will indeed be a massive help.


I dread to think the amount of time I’ve wasted sat on trains, in business lobby areas and hotel rooms over the years, wishing I’d brought this paper or that document with me to read.


With more and more work now conducted online, having constant, high-speed broadband access irrespective of location will allow people to be more productive, more of the time.


Hopefully it will be possible to avoid wasting dead time, wherever I find myself in the country on a particular day.


If I am away from the office for any length of time, there are still important tasks that need completing, things I can be getting on with.


And with a new 4G smartphone or tablet, or using a dongle with my laptop, it looks like things could be set to get easier.


Until I’ve seen the new technology in action, I’m going to reserve judgement to a certain extent. There have been reports of patchy service, reduced speeds at peak times and short battery life from consumers in other countries.


But generally speaking, as mobile technology gets more sophisticated, everyone in business seems to be benefiting – that’s us company owners, our employees and the customers we serve.


Posted by the Secret Businessman