4 reasons why you should have a festive home office

Mock up loft workspace, blue wooden background

To decorate or not is the question when it comes to your home office this Christmas. Here are 4 good reasons why you should embrace the season…

Sometimes when working from home, you can feel detached from the wider world – sat in your home office disconnected from both family and your colleagues.So when it comes to Christmas, there’s the temptation to just keep your head down and ignore what’s going on around you until you’ve finished your shift.

But we argue that you should be embracing Christmas from your home office with plenty of delightful decorations…

1. Missing out on office life
The fact is that despite the many positive associations with working from home, there are a few negative ones. These include missing out on the social side of office life. And this is hammered home at Christmas when your colleagues get together to put up the office tree, open the advent calendar or decorate their desks.

Don’t miss out on this yearly ritual just because you’re not there. Stick on the festive tunes, take half an hour from your day and get your tinsel and baubles out.

2. Staying happy
Staying motivated while working from home means trying to retain a positive and sunny outlook. And while being successful at work can help, sometimes you need a bit of outside influence. If everyone else is enjoying the festive mood, why shouldn’t you?

Unless you’re a Grinch or Scrooge, then embracing the festive period and the glitzy decorations will boost your mood and help make you a more productive worker.

Laptop for Christmas

3. A change of scenery
A benefit to working from home is that you get to choose where your desk is, what goes on it and how it looks in general. But once you’re set up, changing things about can be time consuming. What usually happens is that once the desk is sorted you’re stuck facing the same view day in, day out.

Updating your desk with some Christmas decorations, whether it’s a mini tree or a nativity scene, offers you something new to look at – if only for one month of the year.

4. Family can get involved
The divide between work and family can often be bigger for those who work from home. The office is out of bounds and when the door closes it means you’re at work. It’s one of those things that if you don’t make the divide it can be hard to balance work and family life.

But if you want to get your family a little more involved in your work life, why not invite them into your home office to help you decorate? It’ll give you a much needed break from work and give them an insight into your day to day life.

Posted by The Secret Businessman