1 in 3 SMEs taking risks over data storage


A third of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are taking an unnecessary risk in the way they store their data backups, according to new research.

IT specialists Onyx Group conducted the study – which found that around 30 per cent of UK SMEs are backing up their data on-site, even though it means they are chancing their arm when it comes to business continuity.

The company’s chief executive Neil Stephenson said: “Our research paints a worrying picture of how UK SMEs would deal with issues such as theft, fire, flooding, hardware failures, power outages or human error that all place business continuity at risk.”

Furthermore, only 69 per cent of firms had procedures for home working in place if their workspace were to suddenly become unavailable.

Equally, only a third of those surveyed included cloud services in their strategy for continuity.

Half of those that did not use the cloud cited a lack of security or trust in their provider as the reason why.

Posted by the Secret Businessman