Why your home address is not suitable for your work

VV 26 Jan

Working from home is becoming a reality for millions of people in the UK – but you should be wary of using your home address for your business. Here’s why…

In 2014, 4.2 million were registered as home workers – 13.9% of all workers. This is the highest rate since comparable records began in 1998.

While it offers freedom and lower overhead costs, it can provide a few pitfalls. One of which is the address. The temptation is to put your home address as your registered work address as you might think that people will understand people work from home.

But doing so opens you up to a number of hazards, such as…

You’ll be found out

Working from home might be recognised as a serious way to do business but many people don’t want to see this. If you’re buying from a business or looking for a new supplier, you’ll want them to be professional. Having your home as your business address instantly says ‘unprofessional’.

And you can’t hide it these days. A quick search on Google Maps will show that the HQ for your new enterprise is not some slick office building but in fact a rather underwhelming 3-bed semi in the suburbs. Your registered business address might also appear on sites like PayPal and Yelp.

Either be honest and make it clear that you’re running your business from home, or get yourself an alternative address otherwise some potential customers could assume the worst.

It could be unsafe

But let’s say you make it clear on your website that you’re a business run from your own home. What happens if you get an unhappy customer?

A threatening or aggressive letter or phone call is fine in a business environment but if you’ve got family in your home it’s not the kind of thing you want children accidently reading or overhearing.

Worse, some angry customers have been known to storm into offices demanding to speak to the manager. It’s simply not worth the risk to put your home and family in the firing line.

You’ll get all the spam

VV 26 Jan 2

We all hate spam and these days people do their best to avoid or block it.

But as you register a new business, you’ll be signing up to endless websites from insurance firms to local business groups. And with it comes the selling-off of your details to other companies.

At work, you’d have someone to deal with the endless cold callers or advertising letters – but at home it could seriously impact on your family’s life.

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