UK start-ups on the brink of growth


UK start-ups are positive about the year ahead, with 83 per cent saying they anticipate favourable conditions for growth.


That is according to a report by Silicon Valley Bank, which showed that 66 per cent of entrepreneurs questioned have seen an improvement in business conditions and 73 per cent have met or exceeded revenue targets in the last few years.


Based on these results, nearly half of those who took part in the survey say they expect their company to continue to be profitable into 2013.


However, it’s not all good news as despite the positive outlook, it can’t be denied that potential for growth could be hampered by stagnation in the UK funding environment – 39 per cent of start-ups said they were still trying to raise capital to get to the next level.


This sentiment has been echoed by many young entrepreneurs, who have complained they feel left in the dark when it comes to the funding options available to them.


The flipside, therefore, is how start-ups can fuel the next level of growth and keep this positive momentum moving forward for years to come.


Posted by the Secret Businessman