Top locations for freelancers in 2019

You’re a digital nomad and the world is your oyster. As summer comes to an end perhaps you are thinking of heading off somewhere to avoid an inevitably cold and wet autumn in Blighty.

If you’re a freelancer, you want to go somewhere that’s fun to be, but you also need to consider if it meets your needs as a digital nomad.

Read on for our top alternative freelancer destinations….

Bali, Indonesia
Though Bali may be associated with holidaymakers, it’s also got a raft of coworking spaces that are perfect for a working holiday. The beautiful Indonesian island boasts a number of coworking hotspots, as well as beaches, bars, and plenty of great food. Though Bali might be halfway around the world for many, you can make the trip there part of the fun. Qatar, Hong Kong, Singapore and more can be used as stopover destinations from which you can work and enjoy the journey.

Budapest, Hungary
Big enough to give you plenty to explore, but small enough to be walkable, Budapest is the perfect Eastern European spot for freelancers. With its low cost of living, thriving digital nomad community, and myriad coffee shops and restaurants for every taste, this beautiful city is ideal for any traveller.

Lisbon, Portugal
Sun, sea and seriously good for coworking – Lisbon is a great destination for freelancers that want to work, but also feel like they’re on holiday at the same time. The temperatures stay warm through October and for the coworking scene, food and lifestyle, there’s nowhere like the microclimate of Portugal to lift the spirits.

Cape Town, South Africa
As South Arica’s climate turns now from winter to spring to summer, Cape Town has plenty to offer for freelancers. There are plenty of outdoor activities, dozens of fantastic places to set up to work, and you can find pretty much anything you need to get the job done. Not only that, but you can get a pretty great place to stay for reasonable prices.

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
This temperate isle in the Canary Islands is perfect all year around. With lots of coworking spaces, the city is host to the annual Nomad City Conference, making it a haven for those working for themselves. It blends great working spots with beaches, mountains and gorgeous colonial cities, and the weather is to die for.


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