Top 5 networking apps for freelancers

Looking to expand your professional connection network? Utilise the power of your phone with these great apps.

1. Shapr
Shapr aims to make networking simple and enjoyable by taking the functionality of dating apps and applying it to business. Users can search for mentors, employees or even friends based on their location. Once matched, a messaging feature provides the perfect platform for a professional relationship to flourish.

2. Bumble Bizz
Bumble offers three separate swiping arenas, but most importantly for freelancers, Bumble Bizz for networking. A separate business profile allows users to create a bespoke professional presence where they can set preferences to mentor, partner or invest with potential matches.

Conversations between connections must be initiated by women, a move that creators suggest helps tackle gender inequalities in the working world.

3. Renge
The Renge mission is to connect people beyond the world of “likes” and encourage meetings in real life, not online. The app enables this through a map with real time data on professionals in your vicinity. See who’s around by swiping through profiles complete with their professional interests and double tap to ask to meet up. If that person has requested to meet you, Renge sends you a notification to choose where. In-app conversation is deliberately limited to promote in-person encounters. Just remember it’s pronounced “range”!

4. LinkedIn
The LinkedIn network has 645 million+ users across more than 200 countries, so it’s no wonder it’s the most well-known app on this list. Many people think of the platform as the perfect place to host their CV online, but with the ability to post a status, join groups and connect with millions, the networking potential is huge. Throw in a messaging feature and all the ingredients are there to connect with someone who can help you take your career further.

5. Meetup
Although not designed as a professionals-only app, Meetup is home to a large number of freelancers. Groups are created according to interests and location to encourage, you guessed it, meeting up. Communities cover tech, coding and more, and if you struggle to find your passion, Meetup allows you to create your own group. From here, you can join and start discussions with like-minded users. The biggest selling point of the app though is its event discovery tool, where your interests, location and other users come together to create opportunities to meet in person.


Posted by Julie Tucker

Images courtesy of Press Association