SMEs: Use PR for Powerful Results

The media can be a powerful tool for any business waiting to gain brand exposure and build a reputation in the market; and this is where PR comes in.

When done well, PR can use the media to a business’ advantage to disseminate key product, service or corporate messages to a target audience. In these hard economic times it is also a cost-effective way to get your brand noticed.

Here are just some of the ways good PR can benefit your business:

  • A good reputation is something all businesses want to have. Positive coverage in both print and online publications achieved through activity such as attendance at industry events and nominations for industry awards and comment pieces on topical news can all increase the reputation of a business. All for a substantially less than the cost of an advertising campaign.
  • Credibility is also crucial for an SME, especially a start-up business. Compared to advertorials, editorial is trusted, perceived as being independent and objective. By providing journalists with timely, topical and interesting information, editorial coverage can increase your share of voice and build credibility.
  • Exposure is essential for any small to medium sized business in order to gain industry recognition, and potentially attract new customers. If you’re not in the news, you could be missing out on thousands of potential customers.
  • Building positive media relationships is important. Understanding what journalists want, and pitching accordingly can lead to opportunities for coverage. Once you’ve established a strong relationship the journalists may even come to you. This may seem time consuming but the results can be worth it.
  • Don’t underestimate social communications as a way to reach a larger audience, with many conversations taking place about businesses or industries online every day. Blogs are an excellent tool, and can be extremely powerful in influencing an audience. Twitter is also a great way to engage with people by responding to tweets from industry professionals and receiving valuable re-tweets.

By identifying the right people and engaging with your audience, you can create a huge opportunity to promote your business. However, it is vital that the correct messaging and content is given to all media channels to prevent any mixed messages occurring. If you don’t feel confident in doing PR yourself, hiring professional PR consultants who are experts in your industry can be a time-efficient way to do PR.

When done successfully, PR can position an SME in the public eye, building a positive reputation, adding credibility, and gaining exposure. All vital to making a business a success.


Posted by the Secret Businessman