Small businesses can benefit from IT and the cloud

VV 17 Feb 2 a

In order to maximise efficiencies and work as productively as possible, modern businesses have little choice but to embrace the digital revolution.

Now IT may not be everyone’s cup of tea – there’s plenty of folk who remember the good old days in business before Microsoft and the PC – but there’s little doubt that computing has made a huge difference to the world of enterprise.

It’s now so much easier to get things done, with firms able to delegate many of the menial, time consuming processes to technology solutions.

For instance, a human calculator versus an active spreadsheet – in terms of time and accuracy there is only ever going to be one winner.

Cloud computing has taken things on to another level over the last few years.

Companies can now access top-of-the-range IT services and solutions without having to buy them outright, and this has levelled the playing field for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

They can access advanced IT tools online, paying only for consumption rather than ownership, meaning they can shift to an opex-based investment model.

And with budgets tight, this is making a huge difference to many companies.

In order to be competitive these days, almost every company needs some form of online presence, however limited.

The availability of cloud computing services gives firms the opportunity to do what they want with IT, whether this is simply setting up and hosting a website, or taking advantage of sophisticated CRM tools.


For those willing to move with the times, there is a world of opportunity out there amidst the digital revolution.

Posted by the Secret Businessman