Little boys in The Big Apple


lauren apprentice

This week’s apprentice saw half of each team jetting off to New York. A situation that was definitely going to cause conflict between the teams, fighting over who was more worthy of the trip.

Due to a false claim from Mark to make sure he was PM and had the authority to choose who was going to New York, obviously including himself. He left Katie and Daniel to create a drink and brand it and took Lauren and Filepe with him to New York, to do what? I’m not really sure…

On team Summit bossy Bianca very quickly took the role of PM and decided that Roisin and Sanjay should stay in the UK while she took James and Solomon across the pond, on the basis that the American’s would love them. Really strategic Bianca, really strategic.

Leaving Daniel in the UK gave him the chance to express his creative side, something he really wanted to show Lord Sugar. I have to give it to him, the idea was good it is just a shame about the execution. Aqua-fusion’s branding involved a yellow drink with yellow imaging. Put two and two together Daniel, it wasn’t really going to work out was it.

Summit’s branding team did much better with the very little direction they were given from Bianca. The name ‘Big Dawg’ was drummed up by James, obviously. Roisin and Sanjay came up with packaging and digital billboard that suited the brand they were trying to sell, with bold and bright colours, very ‘Americany.’ It’s just a shame that the advert didn’t match.

Both adverts were just tragic and boring. Summit’s energy drink had no excitement and ironically no energy. While Tenacity’s couldn’t be more cliché for a healthy, water infused drink.

In the end, it was going to come down to the pitch. Luckily for team Tenacity they had Mark, a proven sales man to save the team from what would have been the most boring, un-engaging pitch from two lawyers that sounded like they were trying to win a case. While Tenacity were slowly loosing, Summit were winning, they engaged with the audience, answered questions well and actually had a well branded product, it was just a shame about their advert.

The boardroom bought the usual squabbling and blaming from the teams and Lord Sugar decided that team Summit would win this week’s task, much to my disappointment. It really annoys me when the person I want to be fired is on the winning team, in this case Bianca. Again it was obvious who Mark would be bringing back into the boardroom, but I am happy that Lauren went as at least Daniel actually had some input into the creation of the product. Bye bye Lauren.


Posted by Saskia Benjamin