Keep up your energy levels in winter

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Staying energetic and healthy during the winter months can be a challenge. Read on for tips on how to keep your mind and body energised during the colder season.

The winter months can be a drain on the body and the soul. The cold and rain, as well as the gloomy skies, can take their toll, particularly when you’ve had a year of working hard. But there are several ways to keep your mind and your body in a happier place…

Eat well
It can be very easy to resort to comfort food during the winter months. Stodgy savouries and sweet treats are acceptable on occasion, but it can be tempting to overload on this type of food when the weather’s chilly and the nights are long. Make sure you’re getting a good dose of fruit and vegetables by having a healthy soup or filling salad regularly.

Take a walk
Even though the weather might be less than ideal, getting out for some fresh air is always good for the body and mind. When the weather’s not so bad, make sure you take advantage of it by experiencing nature and taking a good long stroll. Why not really get the most out of the season and indulge in visiting a country pub after a long rural walk? Warming up by a cosy fire with some seasonal mulled wine is perfect for keeping your heart and mind happy.

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Get some supplements
We all know winter is the season for illness, and it’s sometimes not enough to eat healthily. Make sure you’ve stocked up on useful oral supplements such as Vitamin D and Vitamin C, as well as seasonal treatments such as Vitamin E oil for flaky, chapped winter skin.

Be realistic
It can feel overwhelming to try and finish everything you need to before the end of the year, and this can lead to high stress levels. Try and engage in healthy behaviour to make sure your mental state stays positive. This can include taking regular breaks from work, clearing out your desk space of unnecessary clutter, getting some much-needed face time with friends and family and treating yourself to something nice as a reward for hard work.

Maximise your light
During the darker months of the year, the lack of light can get you down. When the sun does emerge from behind the clouds, make sure you’re making the most of the momentary dose of Vitamin D. Try and get as much natural light as possible, as constant artificial light can be harsh on the eyes and make you tired. You can also purchase full spectrum light bulbs that mimic natural sunlight to help you stay positive.


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