Confusion reigns over 4G benefits

VV 24 Feb 2

One year after the launch of the first 4G network, Britons are still confused over whether its worth investing in, says new research.

After O2 and Vodafone’s launching of their services yesterday (August 29th), surveyed 2,500 broadband users to find out their views on superfast mobile broadband.It found just over a third of people said they didn’t need 4G, while a fifth thought 4G wouldn’t be an improvement on their current service.

That’s despite 4G typically being between five and 10 times faster than 3G services.

Dominic Baliszewski, telecoms expert at said: “People we questioned felt it was too expensive or didn’t think they needed it just yet, whilst others couldn’t afford it or simply couldn’t get it in their area.”

However according to research from Vodafone, almost nine out of ten business leaders believe 4G will increase their productivity by providing a genuine in office experience wherever they are.

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Posted by the Secret Businessman