Big yourself up in the modern workplace

VV 8 Dec

The modern workplace is getting increasingly competitive – so making sure you show off your work is more important than ever…

Nearly half of young people in the UK are too shy for self-promotion, according to a survey by Barclays.

While this generation is happy to post selfies all day long, they struggle to see their own potential in the workplace.

Over a third (36%) didn’t know how to promote themselves without sounding boastful, while 31% worry they would be exaggerating their abilities by using professional language.

But it’s now more important than ever to promote yourself in the jobs market. Here’s why…

Competition is high
Figures from job search website Adzuna shows there are nearly 4 graduates going for every job. In London and the South East, this rises to 35.

Every one of those people going for a job will be selling themselves to the best of their ability, with slick CVs and self-promoting business talk. You need to do this just to keep up.

Out of sight, out of mind?
With the rise of remote and flexible working, there’s a feeling that once you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind. This means you’re going to have to let your bosses know what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and any successes.

This could be forwarding on client feedback, hitting a deadline or securing a new deal. If you don’t tell them, they’re not always just going to come asking.

Everyone knows
Whether you’ve just completed a training course, have some useful outside interests or have started a new job everyone will know because of social media sites like LinkedIn.

These are great places to give everyone a reminder of your skills and hard work. And if you’re not putting your achievements on there, then some people might simply assume you’re doing nothing.

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Knowledge spreads
You might be the one expert in your office in your specific field, but that position may well not last as long as you’d hope these days.

With the internet providing easy access to endless information and training, you could soon find a colleague seemingly overnight becoming an expert – and not being afraid to tell people about it.

Career progression
When it comes down to it, if you want your career to move forwards you’re going to have to start bigging yourself up in the office as no one else will.

Even if you apply for a promotion or a better role, if you’ve not been actively showing what you can do around the office you might not come into your boss’s thinking – even if your CV looks great.

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