9 top apps for freelancers

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Being a freelancer can be a bit of a balancing act – so you’re going to need all the help you can get. Which is where these amazing apps come into play…

What freelancers did before mobile phones and apps I don’t know. But these days there are an array of online and mobile tools that can help not only plan your schedules, but also make it easier to do your job.

Here are my favourites…

1. Bidsketch (free)
Putting in a bid for a project is one thing – having that bid look professional is another. Bidsketch can help you do that, providing proposal templates for a number of industries that can all be electronically signed.

2. Cushion (£10/month)
This app combines a work schedule with an invoicing system allowing you to track how much you’ve made, how much you need to earn and who’s paid what.

3. Upwork (free)
One of the best places to find freelancer work, the website and app covers a variety of industries and allows freelancers to upload their profile. You can then chat with clients, exchange documents and even invoice and pay through it.

4. LinkedIn (free)
The app for the website is a great way of keeping in the loop in your industry. Connect with potential clients, get industry insights from its blogs, and find jobs through its separate jobs app.

5. Toggl (free)
This is one of the easiest to use time-sheeting apps for both freelancers and small businesses. It works on a simple one-click system. Once the work is done, click again and then tag it with a client’s name, project title or as billable work.

6. Evernote (free)
Struggling to keep your notes up to date over various devices? Evernote is the solution – upload the app to your mobile, tablet and laptop and it’ll automatically update across the devices.

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7. Wave (free)
This is a great, clean app for invoicing and bookkeeping. You can create invoices, send them to clients, and receive payments through the app.

8. Dropbox (free)
Keep all your work in one place with the Dropbox app. You can also share files with clients and work on them together. A business version is available at extra cost.

9. OnTrees (free)
Get all your bank accounts in one place with this app. It also helps you take note of what you’re spending your cash on, helping to manage your business’ cash-flow.

Posted by The Secret Businessman