6 famous freelancers we all admire, from Carrie Bradshaw to Sherlock Holmes

Sarah Jessica Parker arrives for the world premiere of Sex and the City at the Odeon West End Cinema, Leicester Square, London.

Everyone has idols from pop-culture or fiction, and most of us have inspirations in our industry, too. As freelancers, these can sometimes overlap. We’ve put together a list of 6 famous freelancers that have been inspiring us for years…

1. Carrie Bradshaw
Who is she? Freelance writer for the New York Times, writing a weekly column called Sex and the City. Eventually, her columns are collected and printed in a book.

Why do we love her? For years women everywhere have enjoyed watching and re-watching Carrie party and shop her way through life. Love her or hate her, she’s been a source of inspiration all over the world for her style, quick wit and amusing, albeit sometimes skewed, views on friendship, men and life.

We just wish that all freelancers could afford Jimmy Choo’s and live in a studio apartment in Manhattan for writing one column a week…

2. Ace Ventura
Who is he? The ultimate animal lover, Ace Ventura was a pet detective, and a staple part of most of our childhoods (and some of our adulthoods!) as a quirky and outrageous character who could speak to animals.

Why do we love him? His relationship with animals combined with his top-notch investigative skills inspires children of all ages as well as making viewers, large and small, laugh until their stomachs hurt.

3. Sherlock Holmes
Who is he? Sherlock Holmes is the world’s most famous fictitious private detective, and is a master of observation and forensic investigation. Fans will know that his office is located at 221B Baker Street, where he does much of his investigative work with his trusty sidekick, Dr John Watson.

Why do we love him? Sherlock Holmes has largely shaped the fictitious world of mysteries and investigation as a whole. Besides being incredibly intelligent and excellent at his job (there isn’t a case Holmes can’t crack), we love his eccentric nature and dark humour. Our favourite Sherlock is Benedict Cumberbatch.

4. Batman
Who is he? Batman is a crime-fighting superhero who resides in and protects the city of Gotham. When he’s not fighting crime in the guise of Batman, he runs his late-father’s business, Wayne Enterprises, under the name Bruce Wayne.

Christian Bale arrives for the European premiere of 'The Dark Knight' at the Odeon West End Cinema, Leicester Square, London.

Why do we love him? Ok, so he’s not your typical freelancer. He doesn’t have the usual freelancer problems to tackle, like not getting distracted by housework or TV when he’s supposed to be delivering to clients, and he certainly doesn’t need to budget as much as we do. But he does work from home, taking suitable jobs as they come up and works really hard to get his work done. Oh, and he saves the world along the way – that’s pretty cool, too.

5. Mary Poppins
Who is she? Mary Poppins is the magical ‘freelance’ childcare agent who has floated into children’s lives clutching her enchanted parasol for decades.

Why do we love her? No one knows where Mary Poppins comes from or where she goes when she finishes her post. All we know is that she descends on troublesome households, fills them with her magic and music, and disappears into the clouds when her work is done.

Imagine if all freelancers could travel by flying umbrella? How much we’d save on the commute…

6. Indiana Jones
Who is he? Indiana Jones is the world’s most renowned archaeologist, and essentially does freelance treasure hunting. He has been hired by government agents to locate the Ark of the Covenant, a crystal skull, and the holy Sankara Stones in India. He also finds the Holy Grail while searching for his father. Overall, his portfolio is pretty rich, we think you’ll agree.

Why do we love him? Indiana Jones leads a life of adventure, and reminds us that, for freelancers, every job and every client is completely different. Sure, not all of us are lucky enough to be posted across the world to explore archaeological wonders and fight crime – but Indiana Jones gives us hope.


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