5 reasons to ban Christmas from your home office

Frustrated Receptionist with Headset on Computer Near Christmas Tree

Just because it’s Christmas everywhere else, doesn’t mean your home office has to be taken over by tacky decorations and scented candles…

Everywhere you turn you see Christmas – on the radio, in the shops, splashed all over the TV. Thankfully you work from home, and so don’t have to face the fake joviality of your co-workers.

If you needed an excuse, here are 5 reasons why Christmas decorations have no place in a home office.

1. They’re a distraction
The end of the year is a busy time for many people, trying to hit deadlines and complete projects before the festive break. It’s a time you need to get your head down and focus.

A desk decked out in glittering tinsel and dancing Santas isn’t one that necessarily lends itself to this mind-set.

Plus, the time taken to buy and decorate the office is time that could be used getting work done.

2. You’ll enjoy the rest of the house more
If you do enjoy Christmas, then you’ll want to embrace it. But for many, Christmas is a family event and not a work one.

By decorating your home office, you end up watering down the effect of coming home (or leaving your home office) to a festive house.

Keeping your workspace neutral during the festive season gives you that incentive to get your work finished on time so you can be with your family and enjoy Christmas in your home, not your home office.

3. Health and safety
Additional lights packed into plug sockets, Christmas trees slowly drying out near hot lamps, tinsel and decorations strewn across your path – Christmas decorations can be a health and safety nightmare.

Holiday woes

And you’ll need to check your insurance to see if you’re covered if your tree sets on fire and burns your expensive computer, or a power surge causes everything to crash.

4. Not able to expense the costs
Getting the right decorations for your home office might not break the bank, but at a time of year when every penny counts it can be an unnecessary expense. And it’s not one your company is likely to give you money back for.

It’s worth asking if you can put the decorations on the expense account, but you’re more than likely going to be disappointed.

5. You’ll have to take them down in January
Those first few days back to work after the Christmas break are always a bit of a nightmare. Hundreds of emails to check, your brain still foggy from not being used for a week, and little to look forward to.

The last thing you want to be doing is taking down even more Christmas decorations at a time when you really should be starting to make a dent of your to do list for 2017.

If you can’t resist the lure of Christmas, why check out our 4 reasons why you should have a festive home office blog.


Posted by The Secret Businessman