2016 business trends – what you can expect?

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A new year brings new challenges and new trends – here are some that could affect your business…

Changes in technology, personnel and legislation mean 2016 could be a big year for your business. Getting ahead of the latest trends can help you prepare for what could be a disruptive year.

Mobile communication boom
Hasn’t this already happened? To an extent it has, but next year should see mobile communication become a lot slicker and more joined up. Superfast broadband, wearables that actually work, mobiles over taking tablets, increased 4G coverage and cloud computing will all join together to make working from anywhere as easy as picking up a phone.

Moving Millennials
They’ve been in our workplaces for a few years now. But if the Millennial you hired back in 2012 is still with you, maybe it’s time to consider looking for new staff as it won’t be long before they’re off. According to Deloitte, only 28% of Millennials feel that their current organisation is making full use of their skills. But you can expect an influx of Gen Z who, according to Forbes, are even more entrepreneurial, loyal, flexible and realistic in their approach to careers and purchasing.

Bye-bye boomers
Many baby boomers are now getting to the retirement age, which means a lot of senior positions will suddenly become available. Expect a shift on working practices as Gen X-ers – and possibly some Millennials – take over. This might not be a bad thing, with an EY study finding that 70% class Gen X as the best managers and good revenue generators.

Connecting with customers
Social media will become not just a part of the marketing of large firms but a big part in how they connect with their customer base. Expect traditional websites to become less important and the focus to shift to Facebook, Twitter and other sites. And it’s not just on social media – firms that connect customers with products are fast becoming big names – think Uber and AirBnB. They don’t own their product and don’t make anything – they simply make it easier for customers to access it. Expect more firms like this to emerge.


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They’re finally here and may well be taking your jobs. From 3D printers making manufacturing small parts easier and cheaper to artificial intelligent assistants like Siri getting more advanced as the months go by – this is not the future, this is the present. Expect admin roles to slowly be phased out and replaced by computer programmes.

Big data security
With the number of hacks of big data growing, there will be a growth in the security market to combat these. If people are going to be able to trust companies with their data, there needs to be a paradigm shift in how this data is valued by firms. This year will see that shift.

Shared Parental Leave
Under new rules that come into effect in April, up to 50 weeks of parental leave – 37 weeks of which is paid – can be shared by parents if they meet certain eligibility criteria. This could lead to more women returning to work earlier and less maternity cover.

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